forsøgsdyrenes værn

Mathematical modelling for replacement of animal experiments

Forsøgsdyrenes Værn, matematisk modellering, Johanne Gudmand-Høyer.
Forsøgsdyrenes Værn, matematisk modellering, Johanne Gudmand-Høyer.

Over the last ten years, there has been a growing recognition of the possibilities of mathematical models as complete or partial replacements for animal experiments. Therefore Forsøgsdyrenes Værn, together with Roskilde University, is financing a Ph.D. project on mathematical modelling.

Forsøgsdyrenes Værn considers that the with mathematical models , as a future replacement for certain animal experiments, is so exciting that we have chosen to go in on this project in the hope that we are thereby helping to push development away from animal experiments.

The purpose of the project is to build up knowledge  which can form the background for using mathematical modelling for reduction and/or replacement of animal experiments in among others the pharmaceutical industry.

The recipient of support, Johanne Gudmand-Høyer, says of her research area: “Possibilities for the use of mathematical modelling in medical research appear to be large. A mathematical model can be used to put forward or to test hypotheses. Quantification and analysis of data in areas where the biological mechanisms are relatively well explained can be supported by a mathematical model or the mathematical model can be used as a tool for clarification of mechanisms which are not yet understood. Some in vivo experiments (experiments with a living organism) can be replaced with in vitro experiments (experiments without use of a living organism) in combination with a mathematical model.”